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Audio Services


In addition to composing royalty free music, we also provide a wide range of audio, technical and creative media services to the film, radio, video and education sectors. From quick turnaround sound post production and location recording, to the design and installation of media suites such as radio stations, recording studios and multicam tv studios.

Our audio/sound services include: (but are not limited to)

  • Mixing / re-recording / sound dubbing
  • Sound effects editing and sound design
  • Podcast production
  • Audio restoration & audio format transfers
  • Foley recording and editing
  • Custom music and sound design
  • On location sound recording
  • Freelance sound editing services & audio restoration/repair
  • Audio post production
  • Red book standard CD & DVD production and duplication
  • Unix internet audio streaming servers and LAMP server configuration
  • Voice over recording
  • Karaoke style music & gift recording
  • Technical - design & installation of recording studios, radio stations and multicam TV studios

For further information please email or phone us: 01756 460 224.

Headjog Music are based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, close to Manchester (Salford Keys) Leeds, Harrogate and Bradford

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