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Common Questions


All our production music is 100 percent original - we pride ourselves on producing some of the highest quality royalty free music available on the internet and elsewhere.

What is Royalty Free Music? [Back to top]
According to the Wikipedia royalty-free music libraries offer music that can be purchased for a one-time fee and then be used by the purchaser as many times as needed. We couldnt have worded it better ourselves. Royalty free music may also be sold as production music, buyout music and stock music, they all mean the same thing. Headjog also compose music on hold, which is composed to be used on telephone music on hold systems.

Who uses Royalty Free Music? [Back to top]
Film makers advertisers and computer game developers mainly, but there’s a huge growing market in website & CD-ROM designers. DVD developers, promotional and medium budget video productions, even music on hold for telephone systems, the list is endless and growing all the time. Royalty free music (also known as production music, buyout music, stock music etc) removes the high cost typically associated with using sound and music for use in other media projects. Many projects don’t have the budget to spend thousands on hiring a music composer; Royalty free music fills this gap by selling the rights to use the music, rather than selling the copyright ownership of the music, but at a much discounted cost.

The music on this website is classed as royalty free stock music, the price includes all licensing fees and the purchaser can use the music as many times as they wish. However The music is licensed to you and not sold to you. You cannot claim intellectual rights over the music even if you add or rearrange the tracks using loops. Please read our licence FAQ and our End user Licence before buying music from us. In addition, users of our music on hold, should read our Music on hold end user licence.


How to buy [Back to top]
We have made the purchasing and downloading of our royalty free music as simple as possible,

  1. preview the music,
  2. click on the add to cart button(s) for any tracks you want to buy
  3. Create an account with us, or log into an existing account
  4. fill in your credit cart details via a secure paypal connection, (Paypal members can purchase music without a credit card if they have sufficiant credit available).
  5. Download the tracks you purchased via a web link which is automatically mailed to you on completion, or sign into your account and visit the downloads section

Please note: although we are happy to accept e-cheques and bank transfers, users will not be able to download immediately. You will be automatically notified when your e-cheque or transfer has cleared (anything up to 9 days) and a download link will be mailed to the email address you supplied

I don`t have a Paypal account? [Back to top]
Paypal doesnt require you to have an account with them to use their services, All that is required to purchase and download our music is a valid credit or debit card.

When can I download the track? [Back to top]
Straight away! A confirmation email is sent to your email address containing password details and a link for you to download the tracks, This happens within 15 seconds of completion of your credit card payment.

Im having problems downloading the music [Back to top]
If your music download is interrupted for any reason, or you lose the file on your hard drive, (or any other such disaster!) don’t panic, just get in touch with us using the same contact details that you used to make your original order. We keep a record of all purchases and downloads and we will be happy to assist wherever possible.

Web security is your website secure? [Back to top]
Our credit card transactions are handled by Paypal the most popular online merchant bank available. Transactions utilise 128bit encryption for maximum security.

I ordered a track but didn’t receive an email [Back to top]
The most common reason for this is either a false email address was supplied, or your email spam filter has not allowed the email to pass. Our software keeps a record of all transactions, in the unlikely event of having a problem downloading our music, contact us at

Sound quality [Back to top]
All music and sounds used on this website are low bandwidth quality and watermarked, they do not represent the quality of the downloadable versions.

Sound formats, what format is the music? [Back to top]
All loops are stereo 44Khz wav files, all soundtracks are delivered at 320 Kbps, transparent mp3 format, the highest quality mp3 available and twice the bit rate and quality most music studios offer. We also sell a growing amount of our music as adobe extensions libraries, for easy access from within Flash.

Can I have my music delivered in another format? [Back to top]
We will happily supply and email to you your music in any format you require at no extra cost, contact us before purchasing any of the tunes.

Music loops, how do I use them? [Back to top]
Music loops are commonly used on websites, and CD-roms to keep file size to a minimum, they give the impression of a continuous soundtrack without the large file size and long download. The most common way to play a music loop is via adobe’s Flash or Director, Sign up to our newsletter for more info and access some free flash loop downloads.

File compression, how do I open the file I have downloaded? [Back to top]
Downloaded files are compressed as zip files, this makes the file size smaller without compromising audio quality, Software for decompressing zip files can be downloaded here for both mac and pc

CD Postal delivery [Back to top]
Cd`s and other non downloadable goodies are sent within 24 hours by registered post

I like your music but there’s nothing on this website that seems to fit in with our project [Back to top]
We will happily compose music for a specific project, or re-edit a specific piece of music to fit in with your project,  contact us for more info

Headjog Music – Legal stuff  [Back to top]
By the process of downloading and/or using Headjog Music products, users strictly agree to abide by our terms conditions and end user licence(s)

I`m a Musician, will you sell my music? [Back to top]
We very occasionally take on high quality music from other musicians, please contact us

Who`s Headjog? [Back to top]
Headjog are a multi disciplinary design and marketing agency based in Skipton, North Yorkshire & gateway to the Yorkshire Dales national park. We provide a wide range of creative media services from stock music, to web/graphic design and photography. To find out more about us and other services we offer click here

Do we have to credit your music in our website, CD, TV production? [Back to top]
If a credit list is given in your project or if you downloaded the music free then you should credit us with the following "Music by Headjog " Online projects should link to:

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