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Licence FAQ

Licensing guidelines for end users of our Royalty Free Music - This page provides brief guidelines as to how you can use our music and any  obligations you may have to report its usage to us.
Please note: Users our Music on Hold products must comply with addtional end user terms and conditions, a copy of which can be downloaded here
All the music sold or freely downloaded from this site or any other domain or CD-Rom are copyright to Headjog music. The music is licensed to you and not sold to you. You cannot claim intellectual rights over the music even if you add or rearrange the tracks using the loops.
Royalty Free Music Downloads
By purchasing and downloading music from this website you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of our user licence, a full copy of which can be found here

Legal Music usage:
  • websites and cd-roms
  • games (console, PC, handheld, online)electronic devices
  • commercial productions such as music, film
  • broadcast: tv, radio, cable
  • audio brand identification
  • ring tones 


Illegal music usage:

  • reselling or giving away our sounds in their original form for any purpose ('original form' means being distinguishable at all, in anyway, shape or form, as Headjog Music)
  • making our sounds available to people who didn't specifically license them (including them as a separate part of another product or service)
  • redistribution of our sounds in any way in their original form (they need to be embedded within a production and not accessible as separate elements)
  • conversion to another format or down sampling and then redistributing in their original form
  • redistribution in automated web templates
  • redistribution as ring tones or system sounds
  • any sort of shareware apps with an open directory structure.


Here are the answers to a few legal queries we get asked on a regular basis, Please contact us regarding any further questions you may have.


Can I use the low bandwidth preview soundtracks you use on this website?
No they are digitally watermarked and traceable, but for a small price you get access to a much higher quality mp3 version

Can i use your music on multiple projects?
Yes, once a fee has been paid you are effectively licensed to use the music as many times as you wish

So I pay just once?

Can I re-sell the music or share the music with friends/business partners
No. the music is licensed to you only

Do I need to report usage of the music?
Only if it is to be broadcast, a cue sheet is supplied with all downloads

Do we have to Credit your music on our website, CD, TV production? 
If a credit list is given in your project or if you downloaded the music free then you should credit us, Online projects should link to: 

example link :
Music by headjog

<a href="">Music by headjog</a>

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